Sunday, November 29, 2009

Recycle THAT ... or not

Folk in Halifax are pretty impressed with their recycling programs.  So I was a bit surprised to find out that I'm back to checking the bottom of  containers for the ol'  "PET 1" or "HDPE 2"  and having to throw any other plastic containers in the garbage !   They do however offer a refund on some containers and there is quite an involved explanation of what is OK.  ie.  tetra pac juice containers get a refund while tetra pac milk containers go into regular recycling.  Garbage is picked up every TWO weeks and you can put out SIX bags and a large item of furniture !  

Boxboard gets bundled and put out at the curb while lighter weight cardboard goes in the composter !

When we arrived we scrounged a good TV stand for the basement while curb cruising.  Can't wait for next garbage day !

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  1. I'm reading through your blog - it's awesome! I've got a couple blogs other than my dog one - and one of them is about diggin in other people's garbage! I haven't posted to it too often, because my house has become so full of stuff - but it's at - and it's all about differents junk I've found while going out for "garbage walks" with the dogs - I've also got a page on my Charlie loves Halifax site called "Neighbourhood walks" and I talk about the idea of driving to different neighbourhoods to give the dogs a change of pace for their nightly walks and to time it on nights when that neighbourhood is having their garbage night so you can skim the top layer of their garbage - so much fun to see what people are throwing out!! haha!


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