Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A boardwalk walk ...

Eastern Passage gets its name from the narrow strait separating the mainland from McNabs Island.  McNabs Island is the largest island in Halifax Harbour and is now a provincial park. 

This "Eastern Passage" into the harbour is not the main shipping channel due to its shallow depths; the main shipping channel lies west of McNabs Island. The Eastern Passage is largely used by small recreational boats and fishing vessels during inclement weather as the island provides shelter from prevailing winds.

Cutbacks at the nearby CFB Shearwater military base and the shutdown of the Ultramar refinery seriously impacted the economy of Eastern Passage in the 1990s. One response was the redevelopment of the small craft harbour, long known as "the Creek" or "the cove" but rechristened in 1996 as "Fisherman's Cove", a tourist attracton which combines a working fishing harbour with (seasonal) gift shops a couple of restaurants and a pub.

In the summer you can hire a boat at Fisherman's Cove to take you across to McNabs for a day of hiking.

Next to Fisherman's Cove is a marvellous boardwalk on McCormack's Beach, a small peninsula that sticks out into the harbour. 

I've taken the dogs a couple of times for a walk around the boardwalk.  It's a very popular spot for a walk and I understand why.

The top pic is of a lobster boat heading out to sea with McNabs Island in the background.

The next pic is of Wendy and Chandler on the boardwalk looking toward Fisherman's Cove and past that, Halifax in the distance.

And from the tip of the boardwalk looking back toward Eastern Passage.  My house is only 1 km from this lovely spot.


  1. Beautiful Sybs.. I can smell the salty air :)xo j.

  2. Hi Sybil! These photos are lovely... I'm wondering if you ever share or sell permission to use them? We specialize in Real Estate in Eastern Passage and would love to use one o these photos in some of our promotional materials. Would you contact me at info(at)KenPurdy.ca? Thanks so much.


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