Sunday, December 20, 2009

Critters 'n us ...

As you know, we have too many animals.

I have two dogs and three cats and Kaitlyn has two dogs and now Sarah has arrived with her two cats.

I know.  I know.  You don't have to say it.   

But there are days (like today) when I wouldn't get up off my butt and go outside if it weren't for the fact that I know the dogs need a run.

And they make me smile.  And stroking them lowers my blood pressure.  Of course, stroking one, probably would work just as well as stroking nine.

Considering what a varied group they are, they get on pretty well.  Of course, Sarah's cats haven't left her room since she arrived.  There is a fold up gate across her open door.  That keeps the dogs out.  Cats occassionally jump it to go sniff around in her room but so far her cats haven't jumped over and OUT.

The newest canine is Kait's puppy, Sooki.  Sooki is quite young and a goofy, clumsy puppy with sharp teeth and a passionate desire to play.  Trey (Kait's older Pit Bull) is merely an adolescent himself but shows infinite patience with her.  She jumps on him and bites him and pulls on his face and he handles her with the right amount of patience and firmness.

Did you know that these now-reviled dogs were once considered the ideal dog to have with children ?  Think back to the old "Our Gang" comedies.  That dog was a pit bull.   They were called the "nanny dog" in the U.S.

And then there's the cats ...   

Always pushing their noses into things, curling on your lap, insisting on attention ... making me smile.


  1. What a beautiful gang of critters.. I hope that Sarah's cats overcome their shyness to join the group soon :)
    (Please post another blog and let us know when the piano's been tuned! :)


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