Monday, December 28, 2009

A day in the life ...

Alarm went of at 6:30 a.m. today.  Ahhh retirement -- this is the life !  'cept Kaitlyn has to be at work at 7:30 a.m. and her job at Wendy's isn't on a bus route.  Well at least not one you can get to from here.  Usually she drives.  She needs the practice as she wants (and needs) to get her licence.

I drop her off an am back home by quarter to 8.

And I go back to bed. 

Slept in till almost 10.  That's really late for me.  Had some toast and tea and went to beach with Matt for 1 1/2 hours. It was a lovely mild day.  8 degrees !  Had a lovely walk.  The puppy, Sooki, must have walked almost 2 km with us.  We put two coats on her as she is just a baby and we don't want her to get chilled.  Sometimes Matt runs ahead and she just flies along keeping up with him.

After I brought Matt and pack home I went to Curves for my the first of my "free week" sessions.  I'm still getting the hang of of various machines but I like the system.  You go around a circuit of six or seven different machines and between each is step board where you mark time.  You only spend 30 seconds on each piece of equipment.  You do a circuit of the room 2 1/2 times.  Then you move on to the stretching station which is a large piece of equipment and you do three different stretches on each side.

By then it was 2:10 and I needed to pick up Kait at 2:30.  

After driving her home, I set off to Valu Village to look for a cheap computer mouse.  They didn't have any that'd been made since 1990 but I bought three tennis balls for the dogs.  I continued on to the MicMac Mall where I got a cheapo mouse at Source.   I have a laptop with a touch pad that I really like.  Unfortunately, I often leave my laptop open and the cats have broken the touch pad by sitting on it one time too many !

I stopped at Timmies around 3 pm and had a nice lunch while I read the paper.  I love their onion soup.  I also love getting a hot chocolate with a mint shot in it.  Try it some time. 

At Christmas I put a candy cane in my hot chocolate. 

Called chums Sandy and Don in Ontario and had a couple of nice chats.  I am only now realizing the importance of friends.  How could I not have "gotten" that ? 

Played a couple of games of Majong on the computer.

Right now I'm watching The Beatles in "Hard Day's Night".  It's amazing how a movie that you saw 35 years ago can really stick in your head.  'Course I did see it TWELVE times !

Well that's it.  A scintillating day in the life ...

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