Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sooki joins the pack

Up until this week, walks to the beach haven't included Sooki.  It's been too cold and she was too little. I'd leave her home in her crate.  In her HUGE crate. In her HUGE comfy blanket-filled crate with chewies and treats.

Still, I felt pretty rotten leaving her behind every day. 

So three days ago I velcroed her (is that a verb ?) into a warm coat and piled her into the car with Wendy, Trey and Chander.

Before we'd even driven a mile Sooki got car sick and has been on each subequent trip (it's only at 10 minute drive to Rainbow Haven).  I'm hoping, that like Wendy and Trey before her, Sooki will get used to driving in the car.  In the mean time, I'm doing extra loads of laundry, washing the car blankets.

Once we get to the beach, it's all worth while.  Sooki loves going for walks with her big "brothers and sister".  Wendy and Trey chase the ball.  Chandler explores the area above the beach looking for mouse holes and disgusting things like bird wings or goose feet.  Sooki delights in greeting every person and dog on the beach, her tail wagging furiously, a happy grin on her puppy face.  I'm relieved that the people she greets, greet her right back.  Her puppy joy is hard to resist.

Not all strange dogs are as delighted to see her. 

Yesterday, when Sooki romped up to a big lab, the dog growled ominously and knocked her over onto her back .  Quite suddenly, Trey dropped his ball and stepped over Sooki baring his teeth at the other dog.  "You don't hurt my baby sister" he seemed to be saying.   "Okaaaay, okaaaay. Don't lose your cool" said the lab and backed off.

Much of the time Sooki's nose is glued to the ground.  She sniffs around making wuffling in and out snorty sounds with her busy nose. 

Occassionally she steals the ball from Wendy and Trey and trots off mischieviously with her prize.

She likes to keep her whole pack in sight.  Unfortunately the pack is rarely together.  She stops and peers to see where Chadler is.  Clearly upset that a family member is missing.

Walking with dogs is so much fun.  A part of me is running with them, snuffling about in the grass and enjoying the freedom of tearing down the beach on four legs, my floppy ears flying in the wind.


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