Monday, March 29, 2010

Not always happy endings ...

Some time ago I waxed poetic about the courtesy of the Nova Scotia drivers.

If you're standing on a corner just "thinking" of crossing a road they stop.  Since then, I've learned that they do that because the law says you must stop for people on a corner.

There are few stop signs but frequent cross walks.  This keeps the traffic flowing but still makes it easy for us to cross the road.  Cross walks on the busier roads have amber lights which flash when the pedestrian presses a button.

Sometimes there are just signs and markings on pavement.

Very nice.  Very civilized.

But driving around town I occassionally see signs that something went wrong with this wonderful system.

Someone stepped out without looking.  An inattentive driver failed to stop.

I'd seen a couple of these memorials around town and upon closer examination was touched by the photos, nic nacs, flowers and momentos placed there.  This was someone who as the result of a split second of carelessnes lost their life.

Kinda makes you think.

And look twice before stepping out.

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