Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Can't believe I'm here.

Some days I can't believe I'm here.  I'm really, really living in Nova Scotia. 

Initially I had some doubts about the big move from Ontario to Nova Scotia.  Heck some of those doubts happened as I was buying my house here.

But now ?  Now I am so glad that I am here.  It is a lovely place with a slower pace of life. 

Combining two mjaor changes, retirement and moving, was a big risk.  A lot to adapt to.  During the winter I struggled with the move and trying to create a new life for myself.  I took a Tai Chi class and joined Curves.
I was fortunate to find a friend via her Blog which I'd been reading back in Ontario.  The biggest find was the "Sunday Brunch" group through which I met some more nice people, a couple of whom I'm  currently auditioning as friends.  I also learned about a "pick up" choir in Halifax from a member of the Sunday Brunch group and have joined it. 

I keep in contact with family and friends back in Ontario by phone and email and this Blog. But this Blog has morphed into more than that.  It helps me distill, examine and share my adventures as I explore this new home.

I look down and the world  around my feet is new and different.  In the sky above me I have seen eagles. 

I am 60 and the world is a new and wonderous place.

It feels so right to be here.

Even in the rain...


  1. I adore your blog! I read it often - just nice to read a fellow blogger enjoying life!

  2. Thanks Mick. I'm always surprised that those who don't know me would find it of interest. Where are you ? What's your Blog URL ?

    All the best,


  3. You are awesome Sybs..
    miss you xo j.


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