Sunday, May 9, 2010

A spring time walk

There is something intoxicating about a spring time walk in the woods.
 The air smells so fresh and green and earthy. 
It's even better right after a rain.

 ... 'cept for the blackflies that magically appear at this time of year. 

My walks are less like walks and more like rambles. 
I poke along, frequently stooping down to get a bug's eye view of  life closer to the ground.

 There is so much to see.  Little worlds at my feet. 
I take loads of photos, as if I could capture not just the image but the wonderous feeling. 


 There is such an amazing variety of species. 
When I look at trees I know maples from elms and birch and so on.  When I look at moss I can see all the varieties but ache to learn their names and a little bit about each one.

My chum, Amy-Lynn, has a marvellous Nova Scotia nature blog called Flandrum Hill. 
Amy-Lynn looks at things in nature and understands the why and how. 

I look at nature and go "Duh and WOW".

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  1. Sybil, understanding the why and how isn't half as wonderful as being filled with wow and awe. Knowledge is only about earthly things. Awe connects us to the eternal and to one another :) :)


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