Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Natal Day !

The first Monday in August is a holiday in most provinces in Canada.  Each area creates it's own identify for the mid-summer holiday.  Here, it's called "Natal Day" as it celebrates the founding of Halifax and Dartmouth in 1750.

I took Buffy to go and check out the Natal Day Parade.  It was a great opportunity to socialize her and expose her to new experiences as we walked along the parade route.

The parade this year started in Halifax and crossed over the McDonald Bridge to Dartmouth which I thought was an intersting idea.  It symbolized the very tangible link between these two very different cities.  The only hitch was that horses were not allowed to cross the bridge.  

The bridge was closed for the full day for the parade, a "bridge walk" and other events.  It was rather marvellous after the parade was over to see the bridge empty of traffic.

There were maraching bands, multicultural groups and of course the Shriners were tootelling around on their little bikes and mini cars.


One of the more surprising entries was a group of baton twirlers (majorettes?).  I thought baton twirling had fallen out of favour and was surprised by the skill of some of the young performers.

Hey Buffy, you're looking the wrong way !   The parade is behind you. 

Air cadets escorted a plane advertising the Nova Scotia International Air Show in September.  They walked by the plane ensuring no one got bonked in the head as it turned the corner.

In the background you can see the toll booth lanes for the bridge.

Someone has to clean up...

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