Saturday, September 18, 2010

The leaves are turning ?!?

The other day at Hartlen Point I noticed that the leaves on the bushes and trees were brown and wrinkled.

I thought, "do the leaves change THAT fast here?".  Then I remembered that I hadn't seen any brown trees or bushes in my neighourhood.

Hmmmmm.  A puzzler.

Then as I walked along the cliff I found another oddity.

The cliff edge had been flipped back on itself.  What you see is the "after" (above) and I think the "before" would look like the shot below.

So I pondered on the brown leaves and flipped back sod and came up with EARL !   Earl was the Category 1 hurricane that visited us two weeks ago.

Of course !  Salt spray fired inland with great power and hence the brown leaves were the result of "salt burn".   And the flipped back sod is a concrete demonstration of the amazing power of the wind. 

 This tangled collection of lobster traps were blown up by Earl.

 Naughty Earl !

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