Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Watch out !

There is suddenly a single-minded focus on the weather in the maritimes.

Emails, chats and media all mention Hurricane Earl.  Will it hit us ?  Will it pass us by ?  How strong will it be ?   Are we ready ?

I got an email from a friend yesterday suggesting a few helpful things that hadn't dawned on me.  Have some cash on hand as with the power out bank machines won't work.  Have your gas tank full.  And the obvious, have a home emergency kit.  Be prepared to take care of yourself without power for 72 hours or possibly even longer.

Earl from the International Space Station

They still talk about Hurricane Juan, a category 2 storm, which in September of 2003 with winds of 158, and gusts of 185 kph hit Halifax, toppled trees, damaged homes and flooded low-lying areas.   
So if that's what a Category 2 does and the scale goes up to 5 ... !

In 2003, warnings about Juan spoke of it being a mere tropical storm or marginal Category 1 hurricane.  It was expected to weaken prior to landfall.  Surprise !  It didn't.  

I think the message is to always be prepared but as it says on the cover of  The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, "DON'T PANIC !!!!" 

Here's the page we watch to see how things are progressing with Earl and little Fiona who is tagging behind: .   Feel free to join us in our anicipatory paranoia.

My friend, Amy-Lynn said that after Hurricane Juan, the power was out for a week.

I'm planning on eating all the ice cream in the freezer first !

Stay tuned ...


  1. Loved this entry! Being out of province makes me think of home lots when reading your blog! Love the hurricane hype

  2. Thanks Mick.

    OMG you're right about the "hype". HUGE build up to Earl. But hopefully the hype helps us to be better preparedd ...

    I guess I can go dump the endless containers of water I'd stored up ...


  3. Hype about storms, hype about pitbulls, I swear the media and the government are in it together. LOL

    I am thankful Earl wasn't to crazy, however I did enjoy the high winds and cooler weather!


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