Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh no, not again !

The whole pack and I went for a lovely walk in "my" woods the other day. 

Wendy and Trey chased a log that I kept heaving into the undergrowth.  Chandler would tear off following scent trails as he always does, while Buffy and Sooki pursued each other through the woods but were never far away.

I tied extra ribbons on branches to make the trail easier to follow.

That's why it was such a surprise when Buffy came up to me looking rather chagrined.
I folded my reluctant knees and got down to her level.  "Wassamatter hon?" I asked her.


There'd been no sound.   No woofing.  No yelping.  Somewhere along the way Buffy had quietly encountered a porcupine.  Luckily, yes, I said "luckily" it wasn't a bad hit.  She had ten or twelve quills and none inside her mouth. 

At home, Kait held her down while I yanked the quills out.  The worst one was right through her lip.  Kait held her lip back and I pulled it out from the inside.  I then gave her a capful of rum.  Not sure why, but I was having some myself so I figured she was probably ready for a good stiff drink.

It seemed to do the trick.

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  1. Aren't you suppose to administer the rum BEFORE you pull the quills out!!! (and that's to both dog and you!) Never a dull moment for you guys ... such fun for us all with your escapades!


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