Friday, January 14, 2011

Walkies ...

Yesterday Shubie -- today Point Pleasant Park.  Been for a couple of lovely walks since we had the mini snow dump on Wednesday.

Wendy and Sooki stare out the car windows barely controlling their excitement.  Their eye's clearly asking:  "Are we there yet ?".

It's lovely strolling along and chatting with other dog folk.

  You never know WHO you'll meet at the park !

Buffy and Sooki play endless, joyful games of pant-pant, chase-chase.  It is an exciting, running game that has no written rules (the downside of not having opposable thumbs).

The temperature hovers around zero and away from the ocean there is little wind. 

It's not hard to tell which way the wind was blowing during Wednesday's storm.

Click the above picture to see a view Halifax's cargo port and the oil tanks on the eastern shore of the harbour taken from Point Pleasant Park.

When's our next walk ?



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