Friday, March 18, 2011

A Birthday adventure ...

A couple of friends had me over for my birthday dinner last night.   They fetted me with a lovely meal, gifts and an intriguing card that challenged me to take part a secret mission.

With no small amount of trepidation -- I agreed.

Got the camera ? 


Got the flag ?


Since trespassing in the dark of night was part of the plan then brilliant disguises called for.

Remi wears his disguise.
With unified resolve we prepare ourselves to venture into the unknown.
In anticipation of our glorious success we pose for one last photo.
The plan was to drive out to a road in Cow Bay where the inhabitants of a rural home flew a tatty Newfoundland flag and to secretly leave them a new one with a note which read:  "Happy St. Patrick's Day !   Here a NEWfie flag for you".  

The mission called for nerves of steel. 

In case we were discovered we'd brought the dog as a, we're-just-walking-the-dog decoy.

I was totally psyched for my mission !

We parked a few houses away and skulked down the shoulder of the road.

We are excellent skulkers

I ran up, tied the new flag to the pole, posed like Vanna White for a photo, and we ran like hell back to the car.
Photographic proof of a successful mission.

Mission accomplished !

Oh wait.

You're wondering about something. 

You're wondering about the moose aren't you ?

Got the moose ?



  1. Happy Birthday Sybil!

    Glad to hear you got to have a birthday adventure!

    Many happy returns ..

  2. Thanks Betty.

    It was a hoot !

  3. This sounds like the best kind of birthday of all. What fun! You've got the bestest friends.

  4. You're right Kathy I've got some marvy friends.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sybil!!! I KNOW that Moose! Looks like you had a great time with great friends....good for you girl!


  6. Sounds like fun! Happy Birthday! VV

  7. Sybil, you brat! We're going to have to have a little talk about trespassing.

  8. I'm a brat ! I'm a brat !

    But "trespassing" was on the list Amy-Lynn.

    I couldn't disobey the LIST ! Besides we left them a new flag, which they are now flying !

  9. Lynne, the moose misses you.

    VV - it was fun but I was scared. Guess that added to the fun in a weird way.


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