Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The woods call


Without the snow packed trails, I rely more on the ribbons dangling from  the trees to find my way.   

Can you see the red ribbon mid-trail ?

The snow is gone in all but the most shaded spots.

A blanket of moss carpets the ground under the trees.

Water collects in the cavities where trees have toppled.  
Tangled roots refuse to give up their hold on life.

Last year's leaves hang on, despite the passing seasons and display their colour in the early spring sunshine.

The woods are calling.

Can you hear them ?


  1. Hey Sybil, looks like spring is on it's way! Those woods are calling me too! I love this trail, next time will you take me there please??

  2. For sure Lynne. Can't wait for your return.
    If the weather holds Amy-Lynn and I are going exploring and looking for Boreal Felt Lichen tomorrow.
    It's going to be mild today. Up to 8 C. But back down with chance of snow on weekend :-(

  3. Hey Sybs:
    Good to know that Spring has arrived somewhere! We are still experiencing light snow flurries, but the snow is gradually melting. oº this morning with warmer temps coming.
    BTW, why is the pail on the tree?


  4. Dear ITC-1,

    It was actually cold the day I took these pics but I have low standards for what I consider spring now. In Saskatoon I understand that having less than 2 feet of snow on the ground is spring and 1 foot is summer.

    Glad you noticed the pail. It was on the ground. It was clearly old and interesting looking so I hung it on the tree. It's a bit of a marker as the trail bends to the right not far after the pail.

    Love, ITC-too


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