Thursday, April 28, 2011

Same trip -- different point of view

My dog Buffy and Amy and Mickie's dog Remi, have requested equal time to recount their version of our recent road trip to Hall's Harbour.

Remi and me sit in the back of the car and look out the window.  
Look, look.  See that Remi ?

"No -- I can't see it Buffy.   I'm too short."

We're there.  Big beach.  Big rocks.  Big water.

"Buffy, what have you got ?   I want that.   Give me that !"

Chase, chase.  Catch, catch.  I love this game.

Buffy, look how high I can climb ! 

We play in the water.

Buffy & Remi

We posed for a picture for Amy, who took all these pictures of us on our wonderful day out with our two-leggers.

But we think four legs are best.

 What do you think ?


  1. What do I think? Do you *really* want to know??? You might want to add the 4-legged vs 2-legged discussion to the agenda for our next meeting.

  2. Sweeet pictures. Dogs are so clever these days. It was only a matter of time before they started posting on blogs. Can't wait for their views on the Royal Wedding. I'm sure the corgis will respond......

  3. The dogs missed the wedding. They slept in.

  4. Do you guys know how lucky you are to have that wonderful beach to play on and such an accomplished photographer to show you at your best?

  5. Actually Cindy, we do know. We're very lucky.


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