Monday, April 18, 2011

Seeing things ...


Good friend Pat, just left after a wonderful, but all-too-brief visit.

I took her to some of my favourite places and a few I'd not seen before.

Hartlen Point

We explored beaches looking for interesting rocks.

We revelled in the sound of crashing surf and the plinka, plinka as stones rolled back down the shore with the receding waves.

We explored docks, boardwalks, and coves...

Peggy's Cove

lighthouses and memorials...

The Swiss Air Memorial

 museums and graveyards...

A Titanic grave at the Fairview Cemetery.

 magical villages and fascinating towns ...

Lunenburg Academy

Downtown street in the designated UNESCO Heritage town of Lunenburg

I just love having visitors.

When you come - where would you like to go ?


  1. OF COURSE! When are you free??


  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Pat and showed her many special places. Hope you have many more visitors in the upcoming year...

  3. Thanks Kathy, got the next one lined up for May ... there is so much to see in do in this small province.

  4. Glad you like visitors. Keep August free for me!!

  5. You know where I'd like to go? Oak Island. We have to talk about that someday. Maybe we could go when Lynne is here in August as it's out that way. We probably won't be allowed on the island but you never know...

  6. Oak Island has such a fascinating history because of the treasure -- but I think it's privately owned. Maybe we could sneak over in the dead of night ... ?


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