Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What time is it ?

It's raining out and windy.
Going down below freezing tonight.
It's late April.
Know what that means ?

It's time to plant some seeds -- inside.

Peat pots, soil, seeds, plastic dome containers, popsicle sticks, pen -- yep got it all.

Among the seeds are tomato, zucchini, cucumber, melon, peppers, nasturtium, eggplant and various flowers.

I've been collecting plastic topped containers that once held muffins, cakes and in one case a fruit tray.

Soil goes into the pots.   Seeds go into soil.  Water poured over soil and seed. Popsicle sticks note the contents of each pot.  Some pots go into plastic containers.  Others enjoy a favoured spot on the window sill.

For many gardeners in Canada, the May 24th weekend is traditionally when we plant our tender vegetables and annuals outside.  It marks the beginning  frost-free nights. Until then the seedlings will need to be nurtured inside.

When is planting time where you live ? 


  1. You are so good. I have no excuse for not getting into my garden. It was 80degrees here yesterday....what is going on????

  2. It's a mental thing Lynne. Part of you has already left that garden for another.

    However you need to get outside and enjoy that weather and just potter about.

    August will come soon enough.

  3. Memorial Day weekend is the usual time in this part of the states. I'm usually too excited to wait and put my plants out on Mother's Day weekend. I end up covering them several nights. VV

  4. I didn't know Victoria weekend was *the* time to plant in our neck of the woods.

    Today I tried transplanting that rhododendron we found along the path to the back. It absolutely refused to be moved. Its largest root was entwined around those of some balsam firs. Oh well...

    Good luck with your seedy undertakings :)

  5. When is Memorial Day VV ?

    Flandrumhill is right, I haven't lived here long enough to know if folk plant out on the May 24 weekend ... I just assumed it was the same as Ontario ... I'd be happy if it was earlier ..


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