Saturday, May 7, 2011

Buffy climbs a tree ...


I took Wendy, Buffy and Trey for a nature walk in my woods today.

Not long after we set out,  Buffy's excited barks rang out.  I tracked her down.

The darn dog was halfway up modest-sized evergreen.

She was climbing the tree.  She was really climbing the tree -- and getting higher,

and higher.

Her quarry, a young porcupine, sat stoically on an upper branch: back turned, tail in "ready-to-whack" position.

Buffy got to within a foot of it.   I imagined a scenario in which she reached the porcupine, got a face full of quills and fell out of the tree.   Or worse still both of them fell out of the tree.  At that point the other dogs would have joined in the act, and it would not have gone well for the dogs.  I can't imagine the porcupine would have enjoyed it either.

Happily, exhausted from jumping, yipping and climbing, and much to the relief of the porcupine AND me, Buffy gave up.

Self-satisfied and tired she resumed our walk.


  1. Go for it Buffy! What a dog! Love it!

  2. Laughing hysterically! Dog up a tree...go figure. Happy Mother's Day, Sybil.

  3. Lynne & Kathy, part of me knew I should be trying to stop her, but part of me was mesmerized by watching my dog climb a tree !

    No one has asked yet how she gets down ...

  4. Sooo . . . when you called to ask the fire department to send a ladder truck to get your dog out of a tree, they said what exactly?

  5. Gerry (aka torchlakeviews),

    She sorta slides backwards down the tree, clucking at branches as she goes and then closer down she just turns and hurls herself down !

    That could explain why she was looking pretty sore the next day.

  6. Sybil, that little adventure could have turned out so badly. So glad for you that it didn't.

  7. All great pics but love the last shot of Buffy. She is looking pretty pleased with herself! ~ram

  8. We were lucky, that's for sure Amy-Lynn.

    "ram" -- You're right, Buffy seems to be smiling ...

  9. Wow, that's amazing that your dog can climb like that! My childhood pet dog got into a few run-ins with porcupines, one resulting in over 100 quills that had to be removed while he was under anesthetic - you're lucky your dog is smart enough to stop!

  10. Nomad -- thanks for stopping by. Our other dog, Trey has also had a run in with a porky and that one ended up costing a lot of money as two quills were fully under his skin.

    I don't think Buffy is THAT smart. I think she got tired.


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