Sunday, May 15, 2011

A simple test for Canadians re-entering the country.


Forget the passports.

Forget the drivers licence.

Forget the photo ID.

Here is a quick re-entry test for travellers who have been abroad and are coming back into Canada.

Are you ready ?

Here it is:

What kind of coffee is this ?

Detail.  I want detail.

BTW - this is how I take my coffee.


  1. O.Kaaaaay! I'm thinkin', Decaf, Hot, Full Vodka Shot!!!

    Mat Fodder

  2. Funny! I take it Tim Horton's coffee is popular in Canada. :)

  3. Kathy, Tim Horton was a hockey player from years ago who started this coffee chain. It's wildly popular in Canada and is considered to be a very Canadian place to go.

    BUT get this -- it's owned by Wendy's -- yup, bought out by Americans.

  4. Dear 'mat fodder' (aka my cousin, Carol)

    Decaf is right ...

    TT = "triple, triple"
    FVS = French Vanilla Shot

  5. I can't believe I had to order one of these for you... ;) ~Remi

  6. Dear Remi, as I recall you dropped my coffee as, being a dog, you lack opposable thumbs !

  7. That stumped me! I got the decaf but forgot they have flavour shots now! I am relocated to a small town in the NWT where, believe it or not, there is no Timmies! For literally hundreds of kilometres! We know we've made it back to the south when we hit the first Tim Hortons (after about 8 hours of driving!)

  8. Carolyn, NO TIMMIES !!! Did you know that when you relocated there ?

    Thanks again for stopping by.


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