Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Play Misty for me.

Today was cloudy, then foggy, then the fog got a bit chunkier and then it began to mist.

The mist clung to the tamarack trees in a shimmery way.

I guess your average rain drop is too heavy to stick around on a branch for long.  But these lingered, decorating each branch, needle and prepubescent cone.

Click for a clearer view of the droplets.

 If I looked from just the right angle, these teen, tiny drops shone with a magical light.

To quote Bob and Doug Mckenzie: "Beauty, eh ?".


  1. Very lovely and artistic Sybil on a foggy old day. Nothing stops you getting out when you have dogs eh? xx

  2. How gorgeous! You really do have a great eye. (Not so sure about the other one, 'tho ;)

  3. Lynne, and boy were they soaked when we got home !

    ITC-1, that's why I wear a patch on the other eye. too

  4. Oh, Misty. Play it again, Sam. I mean, Sybil.


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