Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Perhaps they should call it something other than "Whale Watching" ...

On Sunday, Lynne and I drove to Digby to go whale watching.   It was a two and a half hour drive and followed by a three hour boat tour.
 A three hour tour.

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale -- a tale of a fateful trip -- that started from this Scotian port aboard this tiny ship...

Digby is a lovely town on the Bay of Fundy about 220 km as an inebriated crow flies.

We left from Halifax (lower right of the picture)
and ended up at my finger tip.

We'd been looking forward to this adventure since we bought the tickets back in May.  Holy Cats !   We were going whale watching !

Trouble is, you have to find the whales to be able to watch them.


We did look for whales. We looked hard, honest we did.  We looked and  looked.  We stared out to sea until our eyes stung.

On passing through a narrows we did encounter several pods of porpoises, and that sighting,  raised our hopes.

But alas and alack, it was not to be.  Our "whale watch" turned into a "whale-can't-be-found" trip.  Some of us, weary from staring out to sea, napped.

Some of us remained alarmingly perky, to the end.

Lynne with camera at the ready

As we were returning to harbour, the first mate came around and gave us each a coupon for a free future whale watching ... er I mean ... whale-looking-for trip.

Love the guy who's slunk down in his seat.  He was exhausted
from having spent the previous three hours texting his friends.

Lynn and I will give it another try next summer.

In the mean time we have memories of a day spent adventuring in the summer sun, seeing new places, rocking on the waves, and exploring the wide open Bay of Fundy.

Hardly a total loss.

For Lynn's view on the day, here is her blog post about the outing.


  1. That's too bad you didn't see any whales - I guess it's a pretty hit-or-miss proposition. It was decent of them to give you a coupon for another try. Still, as you say, the scenery was lovely and being at sea is always an adventure.

    We've often taken whale watching cruises from Provincetown, Massachusetts - and sometimes see only a couple. Once Tim went with his brothers and without me and they got a rare, spectacular show... It was so good he bought the video the crew took of the trip.

  2. I have to say - if you want to see whales head on down the neck to Long Island and take a cruise out from there or from Brier Island. We've been seeing astounding numbers of humpbacks on every trip and we've been lucky enough to spot Right Whales, Sperm Whales and a very large shark (some debate on whether it was a Great White or a very large Mako) breaching! I think most watches are still claiming 100% sitings - or VERY close to it. There is a rip out here that causes an upwelling of water that brings nutrients close to the surface and the whales have been seen here in tremendous numbers. Its definately not to late in the season to see whales! Do head out if you get a chance! :)

  3. Sorry you didn't get to see any whales, but it sounds like you had a wonderful tour, anyway. It's nice to see you and Lynn having an adventure together.

  4. Anonymous, I've heard Brier Island is the place to go. Oh what a wonderful trip that must have been. Definitely next year.

    We did have a good time Kathy.

    Ingebrita, I would have settled for seeing a "couple" :-)

  5. Yowsa! Why didn't we go to Brier Island?? I still enjoyed the day enormously, especially our lunch. Yowsa!!! xx


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