Saturday, September 10, 2011

All that glitters ...

Yesterday, Amy-Lynn and I decided we'd explore Cow Bay around noon, as it was low tide.  So it's sorta ironic that we spent much of our time together, pacing around a gravel parking lot within sound, but not within sight of the ocean.

Amy-Lynn scouring the lot.

We tried to leave, we really did.  But the parking lot kept drawing us back.  Once, we even got in the car, and I started to drive, but then Amy-Lynn called out "STOP !  There's one!"  And out she hopped.

There's something wonderful about hanging out with a friend, doing something you both enjoy.  Something that perhaps others might not understand.

Me, looking, looking, looking.

I often explain why I didn't finish a task by saying, "I saw something shiny", meaning I'm easily distracted.  As Amy-Lynn and I trudged back and forth across the parking lot, we were looking for REAL shiny things.

And we found them.

Here's just part of our haul.


We know it's not really gold, but Pyrite is so lovely and shiny.

Even better, I spent some quality time hanging out with a friend, and as we all know, a good friend is worth her weight in gold.


  1. I'm with you on the value of shiny friends. I've got two good ones in Nova Scotia xxxxx

  2. Cool! My sister is a geologist so whenever I take a walk with her she spots lots of fascinating, "shiny" things that would have escaped my attention...

  3. Back at ya Lynne.

    ingebrita, shiny stuff is everywhere ! ;-)

  4. I walked by there yesterday but managed to resist the temptation to do another scouring of the lot. We'll have to go back again soon with a mind to leave something for Lynne to find on her next visit :)

  5. Wow, look at those long fingers. We should be pianists :)

  6. Send some of that here and I'll put it in my nice new rock garden.
    Better yet, I'll come out and pick my own!

  7. ITC-1 they're teeny. who would see 'em in your rock garden ...

    But you should come and double-check ...

  8. It is good to have great friends, near and far!

  9. Sandy, it sure is, and I treasure them all.


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