Thursday, October 20, 2011

Darrell comes for a visit ...

My brother Darrell just flew back to his home in Ontario, after a wonderful, one-week visit here.

For part of that time, Darrell and I drove a  big loop from Halifax to Digby via Wolfville, Annapolis Royal and Port Royal on the Bay of Fundy, then, over to Liverpool, and back up the Atlantic coast to Halifax.

We did lots of marvellous stuff together.

I'd never been to Annapolis Royal, and revelled in the opportunity to explore somewhere new.

In costume at Annapolis Royal.

Annapolis Royal is a lovely scenic town on the Bay of Fundy and is home to Fort Anne.

Fort Anne at Annapolis Royal.

The grounds are lovely.

Our timing was fortuitous, as the fort was due to close for the season the very next day, as were the nearby historical gardens and the fort at Port Royal.

Though it was far from peak blooming time, the historic Annapolis Royal gardens were well worth the visit.

I love the view through this arbor.

A replica of an Acadian home.

The view from the back window of the  Acadian home,
with a  tidal river in the background.

The replica fort at Port-Royal was a brief 15 minutes drive from Annapolis Royal.  Staffed by guides in period costumes, it was a fascinating place to explore.

The interior courtyard of Port-Royal.

The main dining hall where Champlain's "Order of Good-Cheer" began.
In order to raise the spirits of the men during the long, frigid, winter of 1606/07 at Port Royal, Samuel de Champlain instituted, "L'Ordre Du Bon-Temps" (Order of Good-Cheer).  Members of the elite of Port-Royal, took turns preparing a meal and suitable entertainment for the other 50 men (no women) and any visiting Indians.   Apparently as a moral-booster, it worked !


to be continued ...


  1. So glad you're back my dear. Lovely shots, I've been to a few of the places in Annapolis. Makes me want to go back very soon! What a lovely journey you guys had!

  2. We had a great time Lynne. Next time he visits, I hope you'll be here to meet him

  3. You images are just great, Sybil. I enjoyed them all in the slide show. The one of the arbour is really beautiful!

    Such history you have around you. Someday...


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