Friday, October 7, 2011

Shadows on the boardwalk.

Took Trey and Sooki for several of circuits of McCormack's Boardwalk late this afternoon.

It was chilly but sunny.  A stiff breeze made it feel even colder.  I wore a sweat top and a jacket with the neck tightly zipped and the hood up.

Lawlor's Island across the narrow channel where the boardwalk
loops back.

The long grass was shiny and golden as it bent in the setting sun.

Looking up the harbour, past Fisherman's Cove to the
City in the distance.

On the last circuit, I noticed the scent of the air.  I wondered why I hadn't noticed it before.  I breathed deep, held it, breathed out.  The aroma was one of salt and fish.  I love that scent.

I drilled Sooki and Trey on their heeling, treats kept handy to distract them as they sit nicely, when other dogs or people walk by.  I walked briskly, in order to get some decent exercise myself.  

I always come home feeling invigorated and glad I made myself go out.


  1. Hey troops. I'm hearing that some folk are having trouble posting comments on my stupendous blog. This saddens me deeply. I am testing the comment feature by leaving this comment. What an amazingly, wonderful, fabulous blog ! ;-)

  2. Lovely shots Sybil. I would have liked that chilly walk. Next time I'll come. Today however I am walking in Paris!

  3. OK, Sybil, I am on another computer and attempting to post a comment. (Can't remember what I was gonna say yesterday) except, jeez, it would be nice to walk along that boardwalk!

  4. Hurray! I am being allowed to comment here again. :)

  5. Kathy, thanks for persevering. I changed it so that comments are on a pop-up window and that seems to have helped. That's good -- as that's the full extent of my knowledge. -)


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