Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Snippets from Darrell's visit.


This is my third, and final, post about Darrell's visit.
What am I to do with the 200 photos that remain ?
I'm pretty sure I've shown you the view from Blomidon Lookoff before, but just in case ...

Darrell at the scenic Blomidon look off.

I think back in Ontario, we called scenic views, "look outs" and not "look offs".  What are they called in your area ?  Whatever they're called,  Blomidon, which is a pleasant one-hour drive from Halifax, merits adding to your "must see" list.  You are keeping a list, aren't you ?  Try to arrive when the tide is out, if you can.  The tidal basin is much more impressive when the mud flats are exposed..  Clearly, those are not mud flats in the above photo.  The tide was in, and it was hazy, so I pointed the camera the other direction. 

In Digby, we stayed at  "Holdsworth House", a circa 1784 historical home, which is now a B&B.  They owners have restored and furnished the home in period furniture.

The historical kitchen in the Holdsworth House
Bed & Breakfast in Digby, complete with dog curled in
front of the hearth..

Church and maple tree in Digby.

A nearby cemetery.

We did a fair bit of driving, but never felt rushed.  If something caught our eye, we'd stop to check it out.

We discovered this scenic spot at an unmarked lay-by.

Same spot.
Are you like me, when you travel ?   Do you snap photos, only to realize later, that you don't remember where they were taken ?

You'll have to ask Darrell where this lighthouse is, as I've forgotten.

The sound of rushing water drew us once more to a stop.

The water before us, was like silk as it cascaded over the lip of the low dam.  That smoothness, belied the treacherous water below.  

Prior to his return to Ontario, I wanted Darrell to meet my friends.  It's a testament to the kind of guy Darrell is, that HE prepared the meal that was s'pozed to be in his honour !  I'm not a great cook and he was teaching me how to properly make a stir fry.  The key was to have ALL the vegetables cut in advance and to cook on a very high heat.

We had a wonderful visit together.

I miss him already.


  1. I sincerely hope I will meet your lovely brother. Especially if he's cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

    Lovely shots of your trip Sybil.

    We call areas with a good view, view points...exciting or what!

    Those autumn colours are mighty handsome girl. VKOTL xx

  2. These are called "Scenic Lookouts" here in Sask. Love your photos.

  3. You've got some great photos here. Love the leaves over the stream, and the scenic Blomidon look-out (which is what I call them)


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