Monday, October 10, 2011

A Thanksgiving walk ...

It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and the weather in Eastern Canada is marvellous.  It's positively hot today in Nova Scotia.

Trey and I went for a lovely walk along the rocky Cow Bay beach.

Trey would fetch the ball, while I walked along obsessively taking pictures.

Across the the salt marsh, behind the beach, an eagle soared over tree tops, trying to ignore the harassment of four smaller birds.

The wind was strong and warm, stealing my hat from my head, and forcing me to chase it down the rocky beach.

We walked to where a small tidal river changed its direction four times a day.

Right now it was going out.

It was here that we lost our wonderful ball.  Foolishly, I chucked it into the outgoing flow of the tidal river.  Even though the water was shallow, the wavelets hid the ball from Trey's searching gaze.  While he looked one way, the ball quickly bobbed the other way, out to sea.

Walking back, you are confronted by two "Franken-homes" that bracket the parking lot and the Cow Bay Moose.  

Nevertheless, it was a lovely walk, for which I am thankful.


  1. It looks like mid summer. What lovely shots of the sea, sand and blue sky. Just think, I'm going to live in that same country soon. I expect there were palm trees round the next corner.........
    Shame our moose was blocked out, I'm rather fond of him. VKOTL xx

  2. Beautiful photos. You can imagine how much I appreciate them from my desk in Boston, but I'll be in NS Saturday, so all is well.

  3. Lovely photos in the last few posts! The light and space and sense of movement in the water...beautiful. I tried posting a comment a couple of days ago but it wouldn't work for some reason so I'm trying again today in the hopes that it was a temporary hiccup!

  4. Thanks Lynne, don't hold your breath on the palm trees.

    Margaret, have a marvellous time in N.S.

    Julian, your the third person who has had difficulty posting a comment. I've changed the settings, so it opens a new window (a suggested "fix") Thank you for your kind feedback. Much appreciated.


  5. Wow, great photos, Sybil! It's nice to be able to experience a bit of a seaside walk from so far inland. It sound like the warm weather was everywhere that weekend. I see others have had difficulty posting comments, too and that it might work this time - so here's hoping!

  6. When I was a child in the 1950s that was Silver Sands Beach and it was, indeed, sand and the water was stunningly frigid. There was a dance hall, a canteen, and plans to build a resort-type playground there. The moose is what's left but I recall other giant cement animals, perhaps a turtle or two where all the rocks are now. The provincial/municipal governments in their infinite wisdom allowed contractors to remove sand for building something important, I forget now what it was, relying on the sands returning through forces of nature. It never happened.

  7. These are very fine photos telling a story about a nice walk on a lovely and sunny day. Great series!

  8. Thank you for taking us along on your walk. Do you have bald eagles there, or other kinds, as well?

  9. Glad the comment posting is now working Cait.

    Rachel, you're right about Silver Sands Beach. It never came back as a beach. They took the sand for the runways at Shearwater Base.

    Thanks Truels for coming for the walk with me (virtually).

    Kathy, yes, we do have bald eagles but they are in greater numbers inland around Sheffield Mills. Google, "Sheffield Mills" and "eagles" and you'll see what I mean. There are also other raptors here, but I'm not great at bird identification. We have loads of osprey.


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