Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Tamarak by any other name.

Kathy beat me to it.  

The very day that I stopped on a local highway to take pictures of some late fall colour, Kathy beat me to it.

She put up a wonderful, informative post, about larch trees on her Lake Superior Spirit blog.

While I was out taking pictures for a post about tamaracks, Kathy was already sharing the beauty of larches.

Whatever you call them, they are my favourite tree

An evergreen-looking tree, that isn't.  

A coniferous tree, that isn't.

A tree whose needles are really leaves.

A tree that gives us one last glorious blast of fall colour. 


  1. Sybil, did you take these photos along Bissett Road? I love the way you've captured the sun shining on them. Brilliant!

  2. Amy-Lynn, I'm not sure of the name/number of the road. I'd driven up Forest Hills Parkway past Main Street. It was about a km. up there ... the lighting was lovely. Did you see the images on Kathy's site ? Oh my !


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