Friday, December 23, 2011

We're off

Are you wearing your water-proof  boots ?  If not, I have an extra pair I can lend you.  Glad you've got that good coat, hat and mitts.

No, I don't think we should pick up the hot chocolate first.  Let's save that for afterwards.

What keen eyes you have, to notice that  path leading off into the woods. All the times I've been to Hartlen Point, and I've never seen that trail.

How marvellous to be walking somewhere new, through the softly falling snow.

It's a bit sloppy underfoot, hence the need for waterproof footwear.

The woods are opening up ahead.   Wendy and Trey wait patiently for us to catch up.

Oh my !  The path has lead us on the Hartlen Point Forces Golf Course.  I've only ever seen this course from a distance.  This is going to be fun.

You're right, it is snowing harder.  It's sticking to the trees, and our eye lashes and hair. Better put your hat on, or your head will get soaked.

Which way now ?   OK.  It sounds like the shore is this way, you can hear the distant waves.

Oh that was lovely.  Great suggestion.

WOW !  See that !

A great big hare shot out of the underbrush, with Wendy and Trey hot on his tail.  Bet he loses them in those woods.

Where'd he go ?

Time to head back and get that hot chocolate.  My coat is soaked.  Hope you're not too wet.

That was fun.  What are you doing tomorrow ?


  1. Lovely photos. I especially like the snow covered lobster trap. The dogs look like they were having a great time. Happy holidays to you!

  2. Gorgeous Sybs... just gorgeous. This is one to be savoured... you are a blogger extraordinaire :)
    Merry Christmas friend..
    xo j.

  3. Hey Cuz!
    Love today's blog. What a gorgeous walk. I especially love the second to last photo.
    Love you.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    ITC-1, Sybil3

  4. Lovely photos. I enjoyed taking the walk with you. Happy Christmas. Jackie

  5. Now that looks more like the Nova Scotia I know! Lovely shots. Have a Cool Yule and a Frantic First,

    VICKY xxxxxxx

  6. So different to this time of year in Australia. I really enjoyed your photos. Today here, Christmas Day, it's very hot with a lot of humidity in the air. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

  7. Les, thanks for dropping by.

    Julie, you have a Merry Christmas too.

    Carol (ITC-1) -- how often do you have snowless Christmases in Saskatoon !!! It's -11C here today. I'd gladly trade the snow for some warm rain.

    Happy Christmas back at ya Jackie. Have a lovely Lunenburg Christmas !

    Pam, Christmas in the middle of summer is the norm for you, but seems so strange to me. That strangeeness is looking better all the time. ;-)

  8. Isn't it fun to walk new places? So thrilling! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Sybil. Love your picture! Kathy

  9. I'm missing the snow right now. We've not had much here in Utah. It was a pretty green-ish Christmas.

  10. Loved our walk! I'm so glad you agreed to go toward the water--I wanted to see the beach with snow.

  11. beautiful photos of the snow.
    is that last picture a photo of you Sybil? nice to meet you!

  12. Kathy, any Christmas I can go walking is a wonderful Christmas

    Wendy, the snow is now long gone. Well above zero and raining now.

    Thanks Patricia for suggesting the beach walk.

    dearrosie, yep. that's me. nice to be you too !

  13. Lovely walk, Sybil. I think Daphne and Teddy would have a fabuous time with Wendi and Trey! :-)


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