Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some people just never learn.


After driving Kait to work on the Bedford Highway, I headed to Admiral Cove with a pair of very excited  dogs.

The forecast was for a high of one or two degrees, with sunny and cloudy periods.  I wore my purple, puffy coat, lined boots and warm mitts.  Since it was above freezing, and there was no snow on the ground, walking was relatively easy.

Of course we had the ball with us, which I threw into underbrush to keep them entertained.

When I got warm from walking, I unzipped my coat and took off my mitts.

If you live in a hot climate, you may be surprised at how warm, a cold day can feel, when you're working up a sweat.

On such a lovely day, it's easy to lose track of time -- and apparently of place.  With all those trees, it's hard to throw a ball without it hitting one and having it bounce off in a different direction.  Sometimes the dogs failed to see where it had gone.

When that happened, we'd stop and spend ages scouring the woods looking for it.  Those searches took us far off the beaten track, and re-finding the track wasn't always easy, or successful. When I ended up on a trail that didn't look familiar, I decided to head cross-country, to find my way back to the car.  The morning sun was shining low over the Bedford Basin, in the general direction of Eastern Passage, so I headed in the opposite direction to find my way out of the park.

Wendy helped me as I scrambled up the hill.  She does this by letting me hang onto her collar as she slowly pulls me up. She understands what I need of her, and is patient with me.   Though I must confess, when we get to the top, she's clearly happy, when I relieve her of duty.

My relief upon reaching the top of the cliff, was short-lived -- it was the wrong cliff !   I'd headed in the correct direction, but in missing the right trail, had royally overshot my goal.

If you know where you are, and you know where you want to go, are you technically lost ?

See that island in the distance at the end of that peninsula ?
That's pretty much where I needed to be.  Sigh ...
I ended up walking back to the car on the local roads, as I felt that would be speedier. The half-hour walk,  was briefly interrupted when Trey stepped in front of me and I tumbled over him and fell flat on the road !

Like I said, some people never learn.


  1. Hi,

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    All the best, Jackie Queen

  2. Oh, Sybs.. I hope you didn't hurt yourself with the tumble.. clearly Trey was seeking revenge following the public humiliation of the last post! :) Glad that you found your way back, crazy girl... beautiful photos.. those rocks are so lovely.
    xo j.

  3. Gorsh Jackie, thanks so very much.

    Julie, if Trey was after revenge he did very well. I was pretty much humiliated by being stretched out on the road. I'm fine now ... so I guess we're even.

  4. Oh my, you and Trey and Wendy had quite an adventure! It's a weird feeling getting disoriented in the woods - at least you had water and roads for landmarks to help you get back on track once you found them. And then to fall on top of it all... I fell flat on my face in October while playing badminton, so I can relate to that humiliated feeling. Glad you're okay.

    That's so sweet of Wendy to help you uphill. Dogs just seem to know...

    I love the picture with all the moss - is it covering stones or stumps or something else?

  5. Barbara, I'm nutty for moss. I think most of that moss is on rocks.


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