Friday, March 2, 2012

How about a big Whopper ?

Recently I went for a marvellous hike with friend, Des.  He took me to see The Whopper Trail, which is a mecca for local mountain bikers and trick riders.

Like the Bayer's Lake Walls, the bike trail is located behind a massive mega strip mall full of box stores and an industrial park.   It's hard to imagine that the scenery I'm going to show you is located behind a Burger King, hence the "Whopper" nic-name.

Since it was mid-winter, trick-riders were in short supply.  But there was a lovely waiting area...

The bikers have built "ladders" all over the place. The one below looks like a roller coaster.  I'd love to see the bikers whipping around on it.

The ladders presented great opportunities to do agility work with the dogs.

I was amazed at Trey's confidence as he casually traversed obstacles that he'd never dealt with before.

Sometimes he managed stuff much better than I did.  At those times, I'd drop his leash and let him forge ahead while I carefully pulled up the rear.  Some of the ladders were too high off the ground for my liking.

Trey looks back, as if encouraging me along. 

A Trey's-eye-view of a downward ladder.  Des encouraged him to come down, while I hopped off the side, and scrambled down the hill.

Des's beautifully-trained dog Liza,
mounts a ladder with little encouragement.

From the top of the boulder we could see a distant lake and miles of rocky, boulder-strewn woods.

.  I was fine going up the ladder.  Going down wasn't as easy.  
I swear Trey looks like he's checking to see if I'm OK 

The trail led down to the valley floor, and a hydro cut.  

We wandered along that for a while and then took another path back up the hill to the car.


We covered less than half of the hillside trails and those on the valley floor probably went on for miles and miles. 

Guess where I'm going when the weather warms up ?


  1. Now that's a walk I want to do with you. And those doggies!

  2. See dogs are pretty careful of their humans. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. I've never ever seen ladders like that. By the way, are you convinced the weather WILL warm up?

  4. Lynne, the list is getting kinda long. We'll never run out.

    Dear Bob, Should I be surprised that a cat loves the picture of the sofas best ?

    Gary, I'm sure you and Boom know what wonderful company they are. Thanks for stopping by.

    Kathy, we're in for a ridiculous one-day, warm spell on Thursday. Can't wait. Hope it's a sign of things to come. How're things in the upwoods ? Still up to your wazoo in snow ?

  5. Yep, up to our wazoo! But it's melting, melting, melting... drip, drip, drip.

  6. Sure wish I had your energy. You see some pretty fantastic places. Great post.

  7. Thanks Bonnie. It's a beautiful province.

  8. I could not imagine bikes rolling across those ladders, looks dangerous. I thought the waiting room had a unique taste of class to it. Bet your dog had a wonderful time.

  9. I've never seen a dog walking along a ladder before. Your dogs are amazing. What a great adventure


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