Friday, May 4, 2012

Dropping bread crumbs ...

I have mentioned that I never get lost in the thick woods at the end of my street -- but I do occasionally get mislaid.

Recently I followed what I felt was a pretty clear trail.  It was created by an ATV many, many years ago.  The damage done by the tire tracks remained, as two dented lines through the undergrowth.  The path seemed pretty clear on the outbound trip, but when I turned to follow it back, it has disappeared.

I "thought" I was following it, until I found my way blocked by a tangle of fallen trees. I peered around.   "Oh there it is", I thought, and forged off in that direction, until that path also petered out.

Damn !

Mislaid again.

So Wednesday I returned to the woods with a fistful of "bread crumbs", in the form of bright pink ribbons.

As I walked along I'd tie small pieces to branches hanging over the trail.  I made sure that standing by one hung ribbon, I could see the last ribbon.

Can you see the ribbon in the shot below ?

Thanks to my pink "bread crumbs", I went for a lovely, long meandering walk, without worrying about mislaying myself.


Don't worry about me.  I always walk with a cell phone in my pocket and two good friends at my heels.

Life is good.


  1. Excellent idea. Great pictures.

  2. Good plan Sybil. I have no sense of direction. I'm going to try the SRT* next time I take myself for a walk.

    * Sybil Ribbon Technique xx

  3. or I could take a compass ... but I always forget.

  4. What a good idea! Hansel and Gretl would be proud. :)

  5. Miss Sadie and the Cowboy had to get me out of the swamp the last time I ventured in there. I wasn't exactly lost . . . just stuck on the wrong side of things as the sun began to set. Must not do that.

  6. How convenient to have thick woods at the end of your street?
    Clever to put up the ribbons.


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