Friday, May 25, 2012

The Tangled Garden.

Have you ever driven by tourist attraction, once, twice, three times, passing it by without a thought,  then suddenly stopped there on a whim ?  Were you glad you did ?

Today Janet and I headed to the  Bay of Fundy to explore the area around Wolfville, home of Acadia University.

After swinging off highway 101 at exit 10, we impulsively pulled into the parking lot at The Tangled Garden.

Never been there -- no idea what to expect.

Prior to entering the garden, we went into the store to pay the ridiculously reasonable, three dollar entry fee.

I could fill this post simply with images from that store, of drying herbs and flowers,

and glowing jars of pickled herbs. and exotic cordials.

I was quite taken by the light shining through the bottles and jars.

It was a feast for the eyes, and I should have guessed that it was a mere foretaste of the garden we were about to tour.

Care to buy a wax-topped bottle of liqueur ?

But the garden beckoned ... starting with the wisteria covered arbor,

then on to the potting shed.    

I loved the idea of the arbor-covered, rectangular pond, complete with a contemplative seating area.  

Incredible pieces of sculpture were scattered throughout the gardens.

The frilly poppies danced in the breeze on curved stems.

If you ever find yourself in the area,

make sure you put stop at The Tangled Garden at the top of your "must see" list.

And while your there, try a sample of their lemon-thyme or rose petal, ice cream.

And tell them Sybil sent you.


  1. Such a lovely post with excellent photos. When I get out there again, we'll have to go.


  2. Cuz, I will definitely take you there ...

  3. Very cool! Reminds me that there's a place like this that I need to investigate...well, not like this because it's in desert-ish country, but because it's small, home-grown, and slightly weird looking. I must check it out.

  4. The Tangled Garden is lovely but that store--wow!--that store is awesome. If I had any money I would buy lots of goodies there. :) And rose petal ice cream? Be still my heart.

  5. Sybil, You are SO taking me there! You know how fond of Poppies I am!!

    Vicky xx

  6. Tangled can be so charming. Those photos of the sunlit jars are as beautiful as you described.

  7. These are so beautiful, sybil. Your photos would make me head over to take a look at this place if I lived closer. I especially love the photos of the sunlit jars, too.

  8. Oh it looks so inviting Sybil! We went there for a visit before we moved to NS…but that was way too long ago.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  9. Flora, well worth the return visit. Make sure to try their wonderful ice creams ...

    Thanks Cait. If you're ever in Nova Scotia I'd be happy to take you there.

    Amy-Lynn, the jars are so lovely.

    Linda, I'd be interested in hearing how your visit goes.


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