Monday, December 3, 2012

Sun down ...

Wendy, Trey and I went for a walk on a path beside the Shearwater Base this afternoon.

It was quite mild for the third of December, and I walked with my puffy, purple winter coat flapping open.  The path was wet in parts and my shoes quickly became soaked through.

Wendy and Trey chased the frisbee.  Actually Trey mostly chased the frisbee, while Wendy more or less waited for me to send it right to her.

It was one of those monochromatic, dull days that makes one long for a bit of colour.

The sun sets pretty early these days.  December 21 or thereabouts is the shortest day of the year, and I remind myself that the days start getting longer after that.

Today was dull.

Today was dull until sunset, when a section of sky cleared, allowing an orange beam from the setting sun to ever so briefly pierce through.

Beauty, eh ?


  1. What a contrast! Lovely pictures Sybs!

    Love Vicky xx

  2. Yesterday was quite dark and dull here as well. Weather damp and dreary. Monochrome is a good adjective.

    1. That was what made the last five minutes of the day more amazing.

  3. Isn't it amazing what the sun can do?

  4. I like the word monochromatic. However, I like the last picture because it's not monochromatic, and we have too much monochranicity lately. :)


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