Thursday, October 30, 2014

Autumn ...sigh.

 I love Autumn.

And this Autumn hasn't disappointed.

Lately I've been taking Wendy and Sooki to Shubie Off Leash Dog Park almost every day.  (Trey isn't an "off leash dog park" sorta dog).

Walking there gives the dogs the socialization and exercise they need, and I have a nice walk and the time in nature that I need.

Oh the leaves smell so marvellous as they lie in browning drifts along the paths.

I try hard not to think of Winter which is lurks just around the corner, and savour the rich colour of the season.


  1. Leaves have not begun turning here yet and it already seems like winter is just around the corner. Your photos are so pretty. It sure is a nice feeling for you to get out and walk the dogs among all that beauty. Yep, you'd better savor Fall while you can for your winters are brutal.

  2. Winter is my fourth favourite season ! lol

  3. Replies
    1. After this awful winter we've just been through I hate Winter even more ...


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