Thursday, May 26, 2016

Shubie today.

I'm not feeling very wordy today.  Would it be OK if sometimes I just posted images from my outings without elaborating at great length ?

We went to Shubie off leash dog park today. 

Such Spring days are quite intoxicating.  The colours.  The scents.  Ahhhhh.

At the dog beach, Wendy and Sooki raced  to fetch a dog toy we'd found.

Did I mention the scents ?


  1. This is awesome, Sybil. I look forward to seeing your writings. <3

  2. beautiful photos Sybil....and no words are necessary unless you feel like it!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Don't 'they' say a picture is worth a thousand words? In that case you have said a lot. Give us words when they are there, and pictures when they are not. I always enjoy seeing the dogs. Take care.

  4. Definitely OK. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Love the lady slipper!

  5. What a wonderful park! Miss Sadie and the Cowboy would be blissed OUT to be able to do that. The flowers are beautiful. I wish I could smell all the good smells of spring--I know I could when I was little, but now all the lovely pollen stuffs me right up. I have a good memory, though!


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