Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sooki's secret fear.

The Sackville Woods are a mere block from my place.

Wendy, Sooki and I love walking down the wide trail through the woods; Wendy ball chasing, Sooki following her nose.

A few hundred metres down the trail a small path branches off to the left, dead-ending at a massive fenced field.

Today I decided to show Wendy and Sooki what was in that field.

Bottom line ?  Wendy couldn't have cared less.  She glanced at the field and its contents and then brought me her ball to throw.

Sooki on the other hand stared at the field in amazement and ... and ... did I mention that she did a lot of amazed and bewildered staring ?  

There were seven ponies in the field,
                                                             and one came over to say "hello" to us.

Sooki stared some more.

A second pony came over to check us out.

For one lovely moment I thought that Sooki and the second pony were going to sniff noses.

Then having made a momentous decision, Sooki leapt backward, barked once and spun in a circle in alarm.  

The ponies didn't flinch.

After that Sooki tried to pretend they weren't there and was keen to continue our walk AWAY from the field.

Let's face it.  

Sooki has a secret.  Sooki is afraid of ponies.

                                               Her secret is safe with us, right ?


  1. Oh, those ponies are so cute with their little legs and long manes!

  2. Sooki, you silly girl! Afraid of harmless ponies, but tough as nails up against a porcupine!

    1. Yeah, I wish she was afraid of porcupines instead of ponies !

  3. Please tell Sooki her secret is safe with me. I know the feeling - I'm afraid of big dogs... The last two pictures are priceless!

    1. That's tough because you probably encounter the thing you fear pretty often. I'm sure that's a difficult fear to get over. How big is big ?

      I love how she was pretending NOT to be looking at them but was afraid to turn her back on them.

    2. A dog is too big if I don't have to bend over to pet it. Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards and Rottweilers are particularly scary...

  4. The ponies are adorable and I do like the way you told the story, Sybil. Your posts are very precious.

    1. Thanks Kathy. Usually pretty simple stories ...

  5. Oh my! Poor Sooki. Miss Sadie and the Cowboy are very interested in the horses (and the donkey) who live at the farm on the second ridge. The Cowboy would be quite willing to go right under the fence and into the paddock, but I prevent him from misadventure. Miss Sadie, like Sooki, is watchful. If she did her spin dance I would assume she wanted to play with the horses (which would be a very bad idea). The horses have decided the dogs are harmless, but if the Cowboy ever makes it under the fence they'll kick him right back over it.


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