Sunday, October 23, 2016

Seriously ?

Seriously ?   My last blog post was in September ?  I blame Facebook.  Well Facebook or Donald Trump.   

I can't believe that my last outing I told you about was to LaHave.   That means I haven't told you about Micou's Island,  the Port Williams Dyke hike, the "bully walk rally" in Halifax, Kingswood Park, Rainbow Haven or Grand Pre and Horton's Landing ! 

Where to start ?

Micou's Island was my latest outing with Sara and Kelly so let's start there.  

Like many amazing places here, I have driven by the turn off to this kewlest of kewl places many times without knowing it.  It's just off the road to Peggy's Cove and about 40 minutes from my home.  You wouldn't believe how many marvellous places are under an hour from my home.

Once more the girls suggested we meet up at a nearby bakery prior to our hike.  How do they know about all these damn bakeries ?   And how on Earth could I have driven by this bakery and not noticed it before ?   I mean, look at it  !   

So we met up.  Had sandwiches made for our lunch, got a HUGE piece of carrot cake to share, and set off.

The unique thing about 22 acre Micou's Island is that it's only reachable during a 5 hour window around low tide.   You can rest assured that we checked the tide schedule before we went, and arrived NOT at low tide but a couple of hours before to give ourselves that window.

The spit of land that appears for 5 hours at low tide connecting the island to the mainland.

The island is protected public land with trails and a building maintained by a group of local volunteers.

Did I say they maintained the trails ?   Hmmmm.

The trail that led into the woods was most promising at first, but then it vanished forcing us to backtrack and opt for the shore trail instead.

The shore trail wove its way through the woods too but we were never far from the shore.

Don't be fooled.  Just because they call it "Sandy Beach Trail" does not mean you're walking along a sandy beach.  See.

Notice how high the water comes at high tie.
A memorial to the donors of the island.  

We did manage to find a spot along the shore to eat our lunches; and eventually the trail lead through the trees to a lovely open area,

where we sat and admired the view for a while,

or went down to the shore to photograph the nearby island.

Once back on the trail, it curved back inland and soon brought us to a meadow with a beautifully restored fisher's cottage.   

The weathered wood is so beautiful and I took shot after shot ...

I even peered in through the window.  

Apparently members of the stewardship association who take care of the island occasionally stay in the "cottage".   

I would love to do that -- just not in Winter !

Perhaps if we sit at the door someone will let us in.  

Sara and Kelly.

Though we'd been on the island for several hours the spit of land was wider when we left that when we arrived.  I know we'd all been secretly worried about discovering it gone and having to wade back to the mainland.  Silly us !   

Sara, writes for a local newspaper and our walk at Micou's Island was mentioned in her article about the joy of walking.  You can read it here.


  1. Wow! All that bakery is missing is blinking neon lights!

    1. lol. I wonder if I'd have missed it then too ?

  2. It was such a lovely day Sybil....thanks for suggesting the outing! Lovely photos.

    1. I had a great time too Sara. I really loved that weathered old building.

  3. I never would have heard of Micou's Island if it weren't for you! It was another fun day exploring together :-)

    1. I shouldn't take the credit Kelly -- my friend Amy told me about it. However I probably wouldn't have explored it without you two.

  4. Again, you have visited a place I haven't heard of. It looks amazing. Glad you took us along. Thanks.

    1. Bonnie, don't feel bad. 99% of the population haven't heard of it. That's the thing about Nova Scotia ... we only know about our own little neck of the woods.

  5. Replies
    1. Had to go and count the pics to see which one you meant. Thanks so much. I was really taken with the lovely weathered building.

  6. Hi Sybil, your photos are lovely, and that bakery definitely draws attention! Look at the colours! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by. Heard you had some very slippery weather today.


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