Saturday, November 11, 2017

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day in Lower Sackville dawned with sunny skies and bitter winds.

At 10:30 the parade to the cenotaph departed.

I could hear the marching band playing old wartime songs; "Lilly Marlene" and "Bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover".   

One of the very old songs I knew because my mom used to sing it to me; "The Skye boat song".

A large crowd had gathered around the cenotaph.

I noticed this one gentleman standing alone.

A moment of silence in such a large crowd is a very moving thing.

What an odd patch this gent has put on his jacket.  I wonder why he chose it ?

Many different individuals and groups came forward to lay wreaths.

Clearly we have not forgotten.

Note:  I'm am quite taken with a free photo editing phone app called Prisma and used it to mess with these photos.  I'll try to restrain myself in future but no guarantees.  ;-)


  1. We attend a service every year. I have noticed crowds getting larger over the past number of years, which is a wonderful thing to see.
    Your photo treatment is lovely :)

  2. On Remembrance Day I often think of all the civilians who were killed...

  3. Great photos. And I like the editing app you used, very cool.

  4. Interesting editing, Sybil. :-) Lovely description of the Remembrance Day parade.


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