Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's been a long trip ...

It's been a long road here both symbolically and literally. We -- Kait, her bf Matt and me -- are finally settled into our new home. We endured the trip down. The kids on the bus and me driving with the SEVEN pets. Four cats and three dogs. 

 Wendy & Roswell in the
 back seat on the trip down.

We then had to live in an empty house for a week.  

This is my bedroom "before".

 The moving truck came last Moday and we've been unpacking and "moving in" all week.  We're all tired.  The house is now feeling like HOME !  In the midst of all this we've explored the area with the dogs and explored a couple of shopping centres as well as downtown Halifax.  We visited the Citadel on a windy cold day and the Rainbow Haven Beach on a lovely, warm summery day.  We also returned to it on a foggy cool afternoon.  Each visit was a marvellous experience.  Needless to say the dogs love romping on the beach and we love drinking in the scenery.

Kait & Matt on our first visit to Rainbow Haven Beach.

Our first week here was sunny and warm.   Over the past few days the rain and cooler tempertures have moved in.

 I'm feeling emotionally drained.   My younger brother, Robert, died quite suddenly the week before we left Peterborough.  His memorial was three days before we left.  I still am coming to grips with his death and the unresolved relationship we had.  And though it is hardly of the same importance, our oldest cat, Tugger died quite suddenly early yesterday morning.

Thanks to email, I've been able to stay in touch with my many marvellous supportive friends back in Peterborough.  And thanks to my phone plan I can talk to Sandy whenever I want.  Wednesday nights we play on line double solitaire.   
My bedroom "after".

So.   A lot has happened.  But that's what life's about.  Isn't it ?


  1. Sybs.. I'm very excited you're blogging..
    Holy cow - your bedroom looks like it's been established for ages.. I'm really looking forward to reading your entries...
    xo j.

  2. Enjoying your posts Sybil. I'm really looking forward to visiting.

    1. Hey Keith, just came across this comment on my very first post from 7 years ago. Still waiting for that visit. lol


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