Friday, July 5, 2019

I really was aMAZEd !

Having chums who live on Nova Scotia's south shore in the Bridgewater area, I've often found myself heading that direction on highway 103.  Sometimes on my way, glancing off to my left after passing Exit 11,  I'd notice some stone walls and a large spider. I cleverly guessed that it was a paintball range.

My "clever" guess was wrong.  Quite wrong.

It's something far more special and unique; it's an art maze.

From their web site,  I learned at the creators of the maze, Bernt and Nicole moved from Germany to Canada in 2002.  Ever since Bernt was a teenager he had dreamed of building a maze; beginning in 2012 he began making his dream a reality.  With contributions from artists around the globe his dream became a reality when the maze opened its doors in August of 2018.

We spent ten minutes before we even entered the maze taking photos of each other in one of the "windows".  Some sections were mirrored, some were open, some were glass.   Look at the pics below and you'll see how fascinating and confusing these windows are.  I'm sure that children would love this just as much as we did.

Donna's head is there but where is her body ?
And there is Kelly' head and half of my body.

Within the maze the "walls" are made of netting up which various vines are climbing.   For now you can see through the maze but it is still a challenge to find your way around...and OUT.

The maze is full of wonderful, uplifting messages and a myriad of easy to overlook details.

The world is your house, no need for a key.
Tea cups overhead. (and saucers on the floor)

With nearly a kilometer of paths to explore, concrete sculptures, murals and mosaics created by artists from around the world, you won't know where to look first and you certainly won't be disappointed.  

I loved the concrete cave house.

Some features were hard to miss; like the shark.

While other things were easily overlooked.  It was only when I was editing the photo (below) of Kelly and Donna that I spotted a detail I had missed when I was there.  Can you see it ?

 There's a face in the metal  tree !  See it now ?

We played the gongs.  The long one resonated for ages.

I think this could be my motto.

I wish more people knew about this magical place and so I'm telling you.  If you live in Nova Scotia add it to this summer's exploration list.   

If you're from away tell your friends who may be heading down this way.

You can learn more about the maze and its creation at:

They're on FaceBook at:

Here are some more photos that help give you a sense of the place.  Enjoy !

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Happy Anniversary to me !

Ten years ago, July 1, 2009 I retired from the work-a-day world.  

Back then I thought I'd be staying in Peterborough, Ontario to the end of my days; but circumstances changed and we moved to Nova Scotia.

Hindsight is always 20/20 and I know if I'd stayed in Peterborough I'd now be better off financially, but I offset that with the knowledge that my life in Nova Scotia has been rich in so many other ways.

I love this little province.  Ten months of the year I can go to a beach and have the place to myself.

My joys in life are centred on walks with my dogs, gardening, exploring, singing in various choirs and hanging with friends from here and away.

... oh I forgot to mention occasionally kayaking and camping.


Because of my lack of pictures inside my head and hence real memories, I'm so glad I have photos to help me "remember".

Roswell and Butters are gone but I cannot recall how long ago they died. 
They are pretty much gone from my mind.


I know it's been almost a year since sweet old Wendy died.  I know I  loved her but I cannot see her in my mind nor recall her touch.

I am learning to accept that I love them while they are here in the here and now, and after that it all gets rather vague.

So I will continue to make the most of each day and continue to find joy in the little things.