Sunday, December 6, 2009


So we've established that the nut doesn't fall far from the tree. 

Kaitlyn shares my love of dogs and also my inability to know when to STOP acquiring them.  And so it was, that two days after moving into our home and six days BEFORE the furniture arrived, she got a new puppy, Sooki.

Sooki is a Red-nosed Pitbull.  Sorta like Rudolph.  Kait's other dog, Trey, is an Am Staff cross.  So along comes this teeny little puppy to join Wendy, Chandler and Trey. 

Trey is large and goofy and powerful and still a pup himself at 10 months old.  But he immediatly adjusts his play style to ensure he doesn't hurt Sooki.  The pic of him and Sooki "face fighting" looks nasty but it's all show and a funny one at that.

It's very sweet to see how gentle he is with Sooki. 

Wendy, meanwhile who's never been fond of dogs, in spite of the fact she IS one, has to be carefully watched.  She'll hold Sooki down with a paw and nibble on the pup as she was a cob of corn.  But if Wendy is not feeling playful and puppy starts pestering, Wendy will turn and SNAP !

Chandler's style of play has always been strange.  He growls when he's happy so the sound effects when he's playing can be alarming.  He SOUNDS mean.  In truth he's a bit nervous of the puppy.  He sorta jumps play-growling at the pup and then jumps away.  Sooki doesn't know what to make of all the growling and usually flips on her back in a "don't kill me" gesture.

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  1. Sooki is a lovely little pup...
    It's wonderful that she fits in with the pack!


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