Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Crossing over ...

Drivers here in Nova Scotia are very different from those in Ontario. 

I want to go out and warn them. "Don't go to Ontario.  Stay here,  you won't survive long in Ontario".

There aren't many stop signs here.  Instead there are cross walks for pedestrians.  There are cross walks every block or so.  Drivers see pedestrians so much as "thinking" about crossing and they stop.    One day when I was out walking, I went to cross a road.  Not at a crosswalk.  Didn't matter.  The damn cars stopped.  Just in case I was thinking about crossing.

They extend the same courtesy to other drivers.  Want to turn left onto a busy road ?  Before long, someone will stop and wave you across.   Stuck in the wrong lane on the "Circ" ? (speed limit 80 km) and need to cross over multiple lanes.  Slow down. Put on your indicator and I GUARANTEE you someone will let you in and no one behind you will honk because you slowed down.

No one honks impatiently here.  Friendly waves are the only hand gestures you see.

Driving in Nova Scotia is a living example of "Paying it forward".  Courtesty is the order of the day.

Red light runners ?  Heck no.  I'm surprised when someone cruises through an amber light !

So, if you happen to live in Ontario and see someone with Nova Scotia plates trying to get into your lane,  let them in and don't honk when they stop to let someone cross the road.  They're just "Paying it forward".

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  1. Lovely Syb.. I think actually provincial legislation mandates that pedestrians have the right of way at any intersection (regardless of whether there is a painted crosswalk).. big fines for drivers who don't yield to the most important travellers - those on foot :)


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