Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family game night.

Kait and Matt bought a Monopoly game as an early Christmas present for us all. 

It's been a long time since I've played Monopoly and apparently the rules I played by in the past may not have been right.   Apparently when you land on an unowned property you either have to buy it or put it up for auction.  Is that how you learned to play it ?  In the past we treated it as something optional.  You could buy it if you wanted but weren't obliged.  Also in the past, fines that were paid were dumped on the centre of the board and then if someone landed on "free parking" they got to take the lot. 

In the current version, fines go to the bank.  But I think I've talked the kids into going the "free parking" route.  There also is a new way to speed up the game that involves a third die.  We're going to try the fast route next game. 

Today's game took 3 1/2 hours. 

As you can see from the pics I was doing really well for much of the game but then Matt put up a few hotels and Kait and I were soon bankrupt. 

It was a fun game and as you can also see, the food kept coming.

This picture was taken during the game. Can you figure out what you're seeing ?  Operators are standing by.  Email me with your guess.

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  1. Ok..I totally play Monopoly by the rules you're used to playing - have to buy or auction a property? What's up with that?? And fines definitely should go in Free Parking!

    Ok, my guess: photo through the bottom of a coke glass in someone's direction??

    xo j.


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