Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm puzzled ...

I've been working on a puzzle for a couple of days.   It was only a 300 piece puzzle.  The last puzzle I bought had 750 pieces and never got finished !  So I've learned a couple of things.

  1. I like doing puzzles if they have only 300 pieces. 
  2. I need to get puzzles with bigger pieces so I can see where the damn piece goes
  3. Don't leave the puzzle out if you've got cats.
 I have one of those felt roller things that let you roll up a puzzle you're working on and put it away till another day.   I hate the way that puzzles take over the table till the puzzle's finished.  Unfortunately I didn't always bother to roll up the puzzle and put it away.
So I worked on this puzzle for several days and finally got it finished.  Well.  Almost finished.  The damn cats had been taking delight in flicking puzzle pieces around.

Here's the finished product.


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  1. It's a beautiful puzzle, Sybs - even if a little chunk of the lovely house is somewhere under your sofa ;)
    You've inspired me to do a puzzle during the holdiays :)


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