Monday, December 14, 2009

Let's go for a walk ...

Come with me for a walk.  It's not that cold today.  Maybe 6 or 7.  The lined waterproof coat will do.  Maybe some light gloves and walking shoes.  Clip Wendy and Chandler on the split leash and head out the door and down DeYoung Drive.  It's a short street, maybe six houses long.  Crossing over Calwell Road, DeYoung becomes Briarwood.  Briarwood is a couple of long blocks of semis and single family homes.  Semis on your left and singles mostly on your right.  When Briarwood ends at Cowbay Road cross over on the cross walk and bear right. 

This section of Cowbay Road holds many wonders.  Right on the corner is the recycling depot.  These are franchised, owner-operated depots that pay you for your refundable recyclables.  They pay you HALF of your deposit.  Where does the other half go? 

On your right is the car wash.  It consists of a tiny hut-like building, a gravel drive and a lady with a power washer. 

Next is a large four bay gas station with a "Circle K" store attached.  Keep walking and you'll pass the Chinese food resturant and the Tim Horton's.  Tie the dogs up while you drop into the Timmies for a quick pee and to pick up a small hot chocolate with a peppermint "shot".   Continuing on down the street, on your left is a mini mall with a dollar store, a Subway, the liquor store (not LCBO but NSLC) and a soon to be opened Valufoods grocery store (YIPEE). 

Keep heading down the street.  Dog leash in left hand.  Hot chocolate in right.  Turn left at Quigley's Corner and head briefly up the Shore Road.  Cross over the road and you're at Fisherman's Cove.

 There always was a fishing harbour here but a few years back the tourism folk came up with the idea of making it a tourist destination.  They rebuilt the buildings to look like authentic fishing huts and many locals sold their boats and invested in stores.  Unfortunately the tourists are only here for about eight weeks a year and many stores have a  "For Lease" sign in the window. 

There are two year-round restaurants, a pub that's open Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the winter and a couple of stores selling fresh fish, lobster and scallops.

Walk down to the end of the cove and look up the harbour past the oil tanks toward Halifax.  Breathe in the cool sea air.  Pat the dogs.  Pick up the leash, sip the last of the hot chocolate and head back home.  

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  1. This is beautiful, Sybs.. just what I needed in this moment. Thank you..
    (My God you are good at blogging..!!)


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