Saturday, December 26, 2009

A lovely Christmas Day

Today got off to a slow start as we woke one by one.  Overflowing stockings were spread around the living room.  Even the pets had stockings.               

Matt began the day by playing the piano a bit for us. 
We made toast and tea and settled down to slowly open stockings and gifts.

We'd received some lovely gifts from Russ and Maureen and I got a fun "care package" from my friends Cindy and Sandy.  There were also gifts from Matt's mom and Sarah had brought gifts too from her family.

Christmas dinner was around 2 pm.  I was quite pleased as my roast potatoes didn't fall apart and were lovely and crispy brown.  I roasted a turkey breast for Matt, Sarah and her boyfriend, Todd.  Kait and I had President's Choice fake chicken breasts.  We had the usual brussel spouts, cauliflower, mashed potatoes and baked sweet potatoes.  Of course there was also stuffing, Yorkshire puddings (which puffed up perfectly) and veggie gravy. 

After the meal, Matt and I took the hounds over to Rainbow Haven Beach.  Poor Matt's boots leak so he has taken to wearing plastic bags on his feet inside his boots to combat the leaks.    

It was around zero C. and breezy.  We took the new ball that has strange sides causing it not to roll or bounce in a predicable fashion.  Quite amusing watching the dogs snapping in the air at where the ball SHOULD be but for some reason is not.

Matt ventured out onto the ice in the parking lot there.  At some point in his walk he realized that there was water visible under the ice and that made him rather nervous.  I'd been video taping him and couldn't stop laughing as he finally ending up crawling back to dry land.  
At some point during the day, Matt and Kait got dolled up for a couple pictures. 

Then after chuffing down some left-overs we settled into a marathon game of Monopoly that Kaitlyn won after about 4 hours !
It's after midnight now and I'm tired. 

But it's a good tired that you feel at the end of a long, fun day.

Night, night.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day, Sybil.
    Merry Christmas to everyone at your house :)


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