Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Matt gets a piano.

Matt plays the piano.  He plays the piano beautifully.  I learned that last year when I visited his home in London at this time last year.  Sometimes after he joined us in Ontario, we'd visit the piano store at Portage Place Mall.   He'd sit down to play and people walking in the mall would stop to listen.

Matt needed a piano.  I could almost see his fingers twitching as we spoke about getting one.  Trouble is, pianos aren't cheap.  Or are they ?

We checked "kijiji" and search for "pianos dartmouth".    And found a piano.  A 104 year old piano that was looking for a good home.  And the price ?  It was free.  Free to a good home.  We went for a visit and Matt declared it to be a good piano.  We profously thanked the couple who were giving it away.

We arranged for "Doctor Piano" to pick it up and deliver it ($240).

It now sits in our front room.  Matt can barely walk by without sitting down and playing.  We flinch at the out-of-tune sound that comes out of it.

The tuner will be coming next Monday.

We're going to have wonderful music for Christmas. 


  1. Beautiful.. that is a beautiful photo..
    I can almost hear the music...

  2. Exciting! Now you just have to add sound to your Blog and it would be complete. Maybe you could record and make a CD to send to your lonely friends in PeterPatch?


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