Friday, December 11, 2009

Painting pictures with words

The winds have been terrific today.  I would think well over 60 km.  Driving on Portland I saw an older lady hanging onto a post at a bus stop !   Even the locals were talking about the wind. 

After a walk on the Shearwater Trail with Wendy and Chandler (I was glad it was in a treed area and not out in the open),  I drove down Cow Bay Road to look at the ocean.  There are several places to pull over and just look.  So I pointed my car, parked,  and I looked.  The waves were breaking far off shore but the wind was going the opposite direction tearing the peaks off the waves and turning them into a frigid mist that was whipped back the way it had just come. 

It's wonderful to watch but  don't worry, I'd never venture near the rocky shore on a day like this.

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