Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sooki goes to Kindergarten

Yesterday was Sooki's first day of Kindergarten.  She was the smallest kid in the class.  Part of the class was spent trying to inscrease the eight puppies self confidence.  They learned to  step onto a raised mat and over a pole and go through a crinkly tube.  Most were timid at first and but got better the more bribes were received.  Sooki was so not bothered by the tube that she went through when it wasn't even her turn.

Part of the class was just socializing with the other puppies and their moms or dads.  Aside from a funny little Shitzu pup that ran in excited circles, Sooki was smaller than everyone. 
Sooki, Bulldog, brown Lab & the bully Boxer

The class trouble-maker was a boxer who just wanted to flatten the other dogs and establish dominance.  Sometimes Sooki hid between her mom (Kait) and (Matt) and tried not to be a bother.

One excercise involved just picking up someone else's dog and holding it.  Sooki liked that one. 

Sooki has four more classes.  She already knows how to sit and really is a confident little dog.  It's just really important that she be well socialized at an early age.

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